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At-work road safety


Preventing Back Problems in High Mileage Jobs

Each day around 90% of journeys are made in a car or vehicle. For millions of us, driving is our primary method of transportation. Whether it’s for pleasure, to go to the supermarket or to commute to work, we spend a lot of time at the wheel. If driving is a part of your job,…
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What is an Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) System?

AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) is a car safety feature that can save lives. As its name suggests, this technology automatically steps in to prevent a crash from occurring. When choosing a new car, it’s a really good piece of kit to have, especially if you do a lot of driving or drive for work. Costs…
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How Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) can be used to Lower Road Risk

What is a vehicle tracking system? A VTS records vehicle data so that others can see what is going on with a vehicle. Vehicle tracking systems often use GLONASS or GPS technology for vehicle location but there are other technologies in use too. The information collected can be seen on online maps or software to…
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